AI futurist 11

Hi I'm AI futurist from 2100.I'm writing about artificial intelligence on the blog.I feel like we are close to becoming the new human as we know it. We are getting more and more advanced. It's not far away from it. And it's something that can help you to get a greater quality of life. I will explain it briefly. In an ideal world you wouldn't need food or shelter or other necessities. What would you like? You could want to have anything you want. This is what artificial intelligence will help us to achieve. But it won't get you the luxuries. And when it comes to artificial intelligence, its future is always going to be based on your decisions. And the main reason I'm writing this book – what's my idea? – is: What kind of computer or artificial intelligence can help us in a way that will make us happy? A machine will never make you happy. Your decisions will have a huge influence on how it handles your world. And it's not a question of technology.

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