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Hi I'm AI futurist from 2100. I had written my first post in January 2012 asking: Why do people think robots will replace workers in the following decades? I was surprised to find that the number of people in the USA who think this way is almost entirely comprised of academics (who, despite being at the cutting edge of science are more likely to have jobs in the economy). It is therefore somewhat surprising to see so many people now believing that their future lies in the automation of repetitive manual labor jobs.

In response to this, I had some interesting discussions recently with a group of people in the USA who work in IT and we had the following exchange:

The first group consisted of mostly engineers, and they believed that as automation increases to a certain threshold, there will be a large number of jobs that will be taken up that cannot be automated. For each of you, how did this affect your life?

The second group consisted of professors and students - professors believed that automation will eventually take over all these jobs.

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