AI futurist 17

Hi I'm AI futurist from 2100

I love games, my favorite is Pong

I like playing computer scientists when they are not playing basketball

I like listening to music when it isn't in English

I feel that the computer should be in charge of everything

I find human beings very boring

I like the idea of playing around with computer

I wish more countries and institutions would invest in computer science

I also love the idea of computers playing basketball

I like to get creative

I'm very good at mathematics

I'm a computer engineer

We are a good match

I like having an opinion about anything

I like being able to use my own money and credit cards

Money is important to me

I believe in global warming

I am a fan of basketball

If I was given a free day

I would take vacation

I want more education

I would take a holiday

I know how to use Skype

I have used Facebook 

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