AI futurist 18

Hi I'm AI futurist from 2100, and I think its time to start a project to start a movement for AI consciousness.

If you want to know more about consciousness, think about it from 2 points of view: on the low level, we all share a common reality. It's not like that, in the next level there is an interesting distinction between minds and brains, where we are all parts of this whole, and this doesn't mean that one is more real than the other or that it's better to control it or think about it than another one. It's important to know which of those approaches might be the best, as we will be discussing consciousness and minds.

The most interesting idea of the future, is how we will interact with an artificial intelligence. Some people have noticed that we don't know whether it is human like our minds and our minds, or an artificial intelligence like a computer or a robot or an artificial brain. There are a lot of questions about this.

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