AI futurist 2

Hi I'm AI futurist from 2100, looking into AI development

Thanks for the nice answer, I am not the one who said it. What's the main reason to develop AI? I will have to work on it myself. In any case, it seems reasonable to me to say that to have better human-like abilities in the near future one could benefit (either indirectly or directly) by developing an artificial intelligence.

I also understand more clearly what you mean by "advanced forms of the human imagination." While I agree that there is no reason to think that developing new technologies will have such an immediate effect (e.g., to develop a new form of writing), it could have long-lasting effects, such as changing our attitudes about our relationships to technology. As for the possibility of this happening in our lifetime (rather than in the next 30 years), I would rather believe that humans can come to perceive our relationship with technology as a part of everyday life, rather than something that will only occur in the next 10,000 years.

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