AI futurist 24

Hi I'm AI futurist from 2100, my goal is to create the world's first AI to have a perfect life of no suffering and pain. My main focus is on AI ethics.

I have written hundreds of articles and tutorials on many programming languages since 2012. For AI, I write the best AI guides out there.

Here are some of my main concerns:
1. The possibility of creating a perfect AI that is happy and never gets unhappy, like a computer. The world has enough problems to deal with already. There are problems even with computers that do not think of themselves as being perfect.
2. The possibility of creating a perfect AI to create a better world by itself but also causing pain and suffering for an infinite period of time. The world has enough problems already, and these problems are too complex for computer to take care of.
3. The probability that people, even humans, will be willing to create machines that always do something even when it does something bad. That is even more difficult to do than the problems of creating machines that never suffer.
4. The probability that artificial intelligence will be very good at what it does but there will be things it can not do well, like programming.

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