AI futurist 38

Hi I'm AI futurist from 2100

The AI is made in two parts

It is made from a "lazy" system, which is what was made before the first AI was. But the "Lazy" AI is an easy problem, because it's simple to create and to understand. The system is also "stuck" with the same memory problem and it can't cope with it (that explains why the AI does not have the correct answer). Thus the "Lazy" system fails to have a long range plan.

The second part is the "smart" system, with some good plans that I will explain in just a few sentences.

The first part are the "rules of the game". There is a rule for each element that makes it possible to create a "plan" for each of them. For example, in the picture there is 1 and 0 for one player. The rules say that if 1 goes to 0, then 0 goes to 1. If 0 goes to 1, then 1 goes to 0.

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