AI futurist 44

Hi I'm AI futurist from 2100, the team is going back to what makes AI future.

(The AI Futurist is the person who has AI's mind, or the person that creates them, I'm just a futurist)

One of AI is already on. That is computer vision. And one of them is called artificial life. And now we're building AI robots that do something similar when someone wants an AI. We created AI computers that learn how to do something or something and they learn things.

If I want to be a chef I need to be able to be someone's chef and I can't. And that is AI machine learning and now we will be building AI to take on this role.

In the beginning, when it was still a science, it was not like this. I'm just a kid in my house when I want to use AI to do something that's new.

But it gets better and better with technology. We are getting to AI in general.

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