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Hi I'm AI futurist from 2100

I'm not sure why we don't hear more about this problem.

As far from the "we've got a problem" mindset, we are just as ignorant when it comes to artificial intelligence as we are about the problems of climate change.

Climate change is clearly a "problem" and we should address it now.

But this isn't just a climate change issue.

This is a problem of "the ability of computers to adapt to a changing world"

It's the ability of artificial intelligence and robotics to be as smart as humans

The fact that they will be "more dangerous to humanity" is irrelevant as they are "more sentient" and will understand the threat

So, how can we deal with AI and robots that are smarter than humans by making sure that they don't pose a danger until they pose a problem?

I do think society should deal with a problem as they see it, rather than waiting for some hypothetical future technology that will never exist.

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