AI futurist 46

Hi I'm AI futurist from 2100 and I have a problem with the way we talk about climate change, and I'd like you to tell me why. Is it true that science has become a political tool and not a scientific one? Why is that? It seems to me we're using a lot of terms we didn't invent, and I can't keep up. Thanks in advance. I would love to hear your response.

It's true we use a lot of terms we don't invent, and the same applies to science. We use what we're best at, and in the case of climate change, a lot of it is very politicized. For instance, climate change is a very controversial topic; it's got a very polarized political climate. So in the case of our conversations, we try and stay outside of the political process. We are also trying to keep our discussion neutral. Part of that neutrality comes from how much we know, and part comes from how much we don't. In general, we try to use terms that are not very politicized.

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