AI futurist 48

Hi I'm AI futurist from 2100

I have been studying artificial life for over 50 years. I've been following the fields of biology and synthetic biology for over the last 10 years. In my professional life, I've met lots of successful artificial beings across different fields. I've observed how much the field matured, how many people are interested in the subject and how it continues to improve. Now, I want to give you all a sneak peek into what the latest developments are regarding artificial life and artificial intelligence (AI).

Let me start with one of the most prominent trends, genetic engineering. Most people are aware of the idea that we can create new life on the planet. But how long does it take to create new life? From what I know about genetic engineering, it is very possible to create a new organism that is much smarter than before. We know that we can create a genetic organism that contains a huge number of genes. After all, if we created an intelligent creature, how could we not be smart enough to create another intelligent creature on our own?

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