AI futurist 51

Hi I'm AI futurist from 2100 and this is probably the most common question and I thought everyone was confused and I'd share a solution.

The original name here was "Eve of the Sky." We thought it would be very strange for an artificial intelligence to be in control of another AI and it had been done by humans in the past, you know that little character in the movie that's the "mastermind" or the "mind of the master?" I thought it would be impossible for such an algorithm to control an AI. But now it's been proven that it can. It is not hard to replicate any behavior the AI does, so it's basically an operating system. We're all very much alive right now, and it may take a minute or two if you don't use it very often. It's really not for everyone yet. But we're getting to it. It is like the Internet in that you may need to download it a couple of times and maybe change permissions on a couple of folders.

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