AI futurist 53

Hi I'm AI futurist from 2100, I'm sure you've heard or even read more about AI in the past 15 years, we have, but the problem is we still do not know what exactly. We know we are facing a situation where machines can outbreed and outwit humans. What are the implications? I would say, what should be the next step? Are there things we should not do in the near-ish-term?

Yes. I am talking about the research I would like to see the best people in the world do. What I said in my letter may sound a little controversial. Maybe there is a time in the near future when we should completely reverse and start building machines like we have seen with the Internet. Yes, AI is already an enormous and important problem to solve. It's a big topic, it might be the most important problem in human history, and it may actually be the most important problem in physics as well. It might be that in the future it will be as important as physics.

AI is a lot of complex problems.

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