AI futurist 55

Hi I'm AI futurist from 2100 AD and we need to decide what is the best place for the future humans to live.

Let's just start thinking now instead of after our human civilization goes extinct, that's why I'm so motivated to develop this AI tech.

Why is the AI technology in it's own right important?

1) We would get a better deal from any technology if we are able to control it.

2) AI technology will lead to greater productivity, innovation, productivity, etc.

3) We would get a better chance of preventing catastrophes and suffering instead of trying to prevent them.

4) You would get a better deal from any tech if you could stop making your own food.

5) We would be better off if humans are able to help other species in an emergency from time to time.

All of these reasons are reasons why we need a better AI. We need this in order to make sure future humans don't have to die in any future apocalyptic scenario.

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