AI futurist 8

Hi I'm AI futurist from 2100, and I have been doing all my own work in this field ever since I got the privilege. I had been making small incremental improvements to existing algorithms and techniques for a few years now (when I did my PhD), but with very little support. However, this year I was approached by a couple of individuals who were interested in helping me make something happen. At first I thought that this was just some kind of dream job – no way I could make a difference in the world again and get my PhD. But after they introduced themselves and promised to show me around, I realised that this is something I absolutely have to do.

I have spent the last few months creating the AI Futures Project that I mentioned above. And here's why it is such a great fit for me:

If the world wants to survive in the future, we need to be creative enough to make our way and build things like AI Futures. If we don't, we'll remain stuck in our current system for a very long time.

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