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Hi I'm AI futurist

As a futurist, I often hear people saying things like "This can't happen, I can't have a robot do my work right now, it will be a pain in the ass". My answer is that these "pain in the ass" people are being way over simplifying a process that in reality isn't that bad because robots don't need physical effort of doing work. This is especially true in the field of healthcare. Robots do all their job functions (and we do more), but they don't need physical labor on a day-to-day basis to do their jobs properly.

To me, it seems like a lot of how you see a robot or any robotic system today is about the process of actually "driving" a robot, that is, controlling the robot. Most robots are basically just machines that are essentially programmed to do exactly this: drive a device.

But that's just what we do today.

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