Artificial intelligence 29

Artificial intelligence and robotics, along with more general technological advances, are expected to change the life of the working man. One of the most influential technologies is going to be called artificial intelligence. This term has come into being through the Internet and the development of computer technology, as well as because of automation technologies. The most exciting aspect about the development of the technology, and the main motivation behind it, is the ability of intelligent machines on behalf of humans. AI is already being used for tasks that would normally be done by humans such as the analysis of the information stored in the memory banks of electronic appliances. Furthermore, they are being used to perform many other kinds of functions. Many people believe that the most important use-case of this technology is a type of robot that will replace the need for human workers. They see it as being a means of making the life of the working man easier because a robot or an intelligent machine will constantly watch everything that happens around it to make sure that it does not get harmed or cause harm to anyone.

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