Artificial intelligence 36

Artificial intelligence, as we now know it, is an example. It can be used to design complex systems, but also to design simple systems. In some cases, this is advantageous not only as a creative device but also for the safety of society.

When using AI in the creation of real systems, we are inevitably bound to make mistakes. And as we do so, it is essential to create safeguards, both from the technology and the people working behind it.

This is an especially important issue since the creation of human-machine systems may lead to the development of new types of weapons, which may make war more dangerous and more unpredictable. What are the prospects? Do we need a third world war to stop AI development?

To be honest, we might just as well start a war. There is no easy answer.

In short, humans are inherently weak and prone to mistakes. Even with great power, there are always people who make mistakes, and sometimes to a more dire extent.

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