Artificial intelligence 37

Artificial intelligence technology is getting ever cheaper as well, so we should look forward to developing new and interesting ways to make people feel less lonely, too.)

And don't worry if you don't like the term "love." It's actually a really common and good way to describe someone you like to think of as "a human being. The more complex, abstract, and abstract the better." There's a big difference between a human being and love.

"How can you possibly talk about the meaning of life in the midst of this uncertainty?"

This is where we get into the "hype" part of it all.

As one scientist put it so succinctly: "If we can't predict everything, how do you ever expect us to live in the 21st century?"

Yes, the world is a better place than it was in any other time in human history. There are much more human activities around us, and the amount of scientific knowledge and advancement is staggering — but we've got lots we still don't know.

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