Artificial intelligence 39

Artificial intelligence (AI), or artificial intelligence, is a form of artificial intelligence that works in the same way that computers do, by processing information and making decisions based on the information. You can think of artificial intelligence as a computer or mobile device that thinks and acts like a person—or more simply, a person that thinks and acts like a computer.

The term "artificial intelligence" has been used for some time to describe a number of different approaches to the use of information-processing machines. A relatively recent addition to this popular grouping are approaches that use AI to interact with humans, whether through conversational interactions, video games, robot assistants, and so on. You have to decide first which AI approaches you like, and what we could call "artificial intelligence." This is just another type of artificial intelligence, in a lot of ways.

AI uses lots of different technologies—including big data, deep learning, deep learning inference, machine learning, and machine learning—all to create new kinds of applications that are more effective, more intuitive, and more intelligent.

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