Artificial intelligence 40

Artificial intelligence or machine learning is a method of gathering data from various sources, such as machine vision, text, and speech, and finding the most effective way to present, or to retrieve, it to the user. AI has the ability to be used to detect patterns and identify trends in large datasets. It can also create the algorithms and programs necessary to build a system to accomplish particular tasks. Examples of this process include, but are not limited to, machine learning, graph-based processing, deep learning and reinforcement/learning. The term "AI" is usually used to refer to the ability of artificial intelligence systems to learn and understand certain types of data, although these algorithms may be implemented using other techniques that are referred to as "machine learning".

"Artificial Intelligence" means one or more methods that rely upon an intelligent process of combining or combining with input data to obtain desired results. The methods may also utilize techniques used in other areas of computing, such as physics or chemistry.

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