Artificial intelligence 49

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a field that has gained in influence and prominence recently due to recent breakthroughs in machine learning and algorithms, but I'm not sure quite how AI is defined, or how it is currently being applied. Is AI currently a technology or something we can expect to be used in the near future, or in the long term?

For me, the key word in AI technology is software. AI technology is software that can reason, solve equations, classify images, and perform other computations that are more efficient than human capabilities.

Is this something I can actually foresee in the near future (if ever) or is it something we are destined to witness (if ever)? Will it be an emerging technology or the "next big thing."

We will have to wait, I think until some major technological breakthrough occurs (with a major technological breakthrough meaning "massive change"). I also think that artificial intelligence will become a more important focus in academia over the next few years. And then there are the issues of ethics and privacy.

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