Artificial intelligence 50

Artificial intelligence has increased as computers became better at finding patterns within images and images have become more complex. So while computers may look at an image and decide to play the video game or get in a movie, they will still have to remember many things from the image. In addition, human's brains are a lot more limited than the computer's. This creates a situation where a lot of information isn't available and a lot of different things are required to solve a problem at certain points in a video game or movie.

We think that machine learning can be applied to solve problems that are not typically covered by existing AI. Specifically, we think artificial intelligence should be used when solving problems where there is very little information. This has the potential of eliminating a lot of repetitive and complex tasks or tasks which are not covered by traditional AI. This could help solve problems with a lot of data, as well as those which require a lot of detail processing (e.g. search, translation, or speech recognition).

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