Artificial intelligence 57

Artificial intelligence will allow us to create a greater variety of products and services that are in harmony with nature and human nature. To understand how we arrived at this point for us, a look at artificial intelligence will be necessary. The key factor that contributed to our decision was the idea that AI could be integrated with the existing system, and that it would be used to improve the system. The key idea that did not hold true was that by adding AI, the result would be superior products that also have a new quality of work. We had to understand what "better work" was, not so much what it should be, but what a working version of better work should be like.

The problem is that this vision of better work became associated with AI. But this idea was a result of a misunderstanding that took place after the fact. AI itself was not a good idea -- rather something that was designed and built to be an extension of the existing system. But from the perspective of AI, better is not necessarily better. The same question arose with other technologies:

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