Artificial intelligence 58

Artificial intelligence.

If robots don't do much work for us, that could be fine. We can still enjoy things that we want to do, as long as we don't feel the need to make many decisions. But it's still a scary prospect. Maybe robots will be able to do most of our work but still be able to do some really terrible things? This is a problem that will loom large for us humans.

But there's an even bigger problem: What if they can figure all the possible actions out for us without us being able to really give a damn? Is it possible that machines could go from being good at performing simple tasks, to performing complex tasks for us? And could they do stuff out of necessity rather than choice? (Or maybe they already have.)

We already have robots that can do stuff for us with just one hand. They just can't do something as cool as making us laugh. And we have computers that can take our jobs. Maybe we should start taking our jobs back?

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