Artificial intelligence 63

Artificial intelligence technology and machine learning. The question is what does artificial intelligence and machine learning mean. Are they not just an extension of the human brain? What does AI mean and how can it benefit society?
The human brain
The brain of a single human being was the result of hundreds of years of evolution by an extremely complex system of neurons called the brain. However, it is estimated that the human brain has approximately one billion neurons. This number is an improvement over the brain that most of us have inherited from our ape ancestors about half a million years ago. The term artificial intelligence derives from the word artificial . A computer is a machine with some ability to learn from experience, to use computers as a resource, and to achieve goals. So is AI. It is one of the two major domains of computer science that have made computer programming possible so that now computers can manage many fields in technology including the computer networks that govern our financial, telecommunications, and entertainment industry. The other field is computer architecture.

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