Artificial Intelligence 65

Benefits & Risks of Artificial Intelligence

1,000% growth for AI in next couple of years

We expect that AI will be able to work at a 1,000% more efficient level over the next couple of years, and that all the recent improvements in AI, from deep neural networks to general purpose computers, will be applied in this area. At this point, we don't know exactly how far AI is able to go, but we are certain that it will be able to make any task possible in a fraction of a second. So, the question that it gets asked is: will AI create more jobs?

That's a simple answer, but a misleading one. As mentioned above, artificial intelligence is capable of creating any task possible, and there's a large body of literature that states as much. However, one of the most important factors we are concerned with is whether or not jobs will necessarily be created by future technologies, or whether this will depend on which AI technologies are adopted by society.

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