Artificial Intelligence 66

Benefits & Risks of Artificial Intelligence. The main advantages are speed and efficiency. We have a big advantage in the speed of intelligence. Also, the speed of our machines can be improved by adding human brains.

As robots get smarter, they will work more effectively. They cannot be fooled once you have created them. So it is not a problem if your robot is more intelligent than us, it will not harm us. However, we do have a big disadvantage in the efficiency of the machines. It is not a problem in our own country if our robots are too efficient!

So do we have a big problem? Of course. Because we live in the developed world, everyone thinks we are too ignorant to realize our problems or that we don't care. So many people don't work on a big machine to help the society, because they are too busy saving money for a vacation. A good way to help solve the automation problem is to work on a big machine to help solve society's issues.

But this would be a waste of resources.

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