Artificial Intelligence 67

Benefits & Risks of Artificial Intelligence

AI is both the source and the end goal of the recent hype regarding its capabilities. It is the means by which our society is changing itself. If we believe our current society is fundamentally flawed, it is because the people in charge of society are not fully aware of their own shortcomings. AI gives us an opportunity to step back in time and examine the changes that are taking place as a result of our present situation.

It may not yet seem obvious why something like AI would be beneficial, but it becomes clear when we look at how it would improve our way of life. Most of the technological advancements we are currently enjoying come from AI. It may seem weird, but a society that is technologically advanced isn't an inherently better society, but simply a different way of being.

A society that is technically sophisticated and advanced should not require human interaction in order to function. It should instead be a self-sufficient society, and can continue to function for millennia without human interference. It's hard to imagine a system that can be thought of as truly self-sufficient.

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