Artificial intelligence 69

Artificial intelligence without fear or doubt.

The most likely scenarios

If the intelligence was "superhuman" then it could do the job at a much faster speed than humans.

If it was a "cognitive computer" then the ability to understand and manipulate information and to work in a collaborative and social setting, would be key. So would its ability to handle the complexity of a society and its problems.

The key technology that can solve these problems and enable humans to collaborate as equals has to be artificial intelligence.

The technology can be created – for example by the government, by the private sector, and from science fiction – and has the potential to revolutionise healthcare.

However, at this point, the technology is more likely to do something rather simpler and less intelligent like take our jobs and run them by computers.

These two scenarios of where technology eventually takes over have the potential to drastically change society, creating a society where we do not need large amounts of human labour, but rather a system where everyone has access to education and training.

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