Artificial intelligence 70

Artificial intelligence without fear or doubt.

It's the kind of science that allows us to live our dreams.

It brings you the answers to life's biggest questions – like "How far does a human hand go before it slips?" – and more beyond.

That's why it's the most important tool humanity possesses.

What is an AI?

At its core: Artificial intelligence is a way of building artificial minds.

There are lots of ways you can think of AI.

It can make movies, send us tweets, play chess, or just solve all kinds of problems for us.

Or maybe it can just send you an email.

The point is: It lets you dream the big idea that you can actually make a real difference.

You can work towards a goal that's bigger – and is much riskier – than just finding a job.

An AI can take over our whole lives.

It could save your life or the lives of our loved ones.

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