Artificial intelligence 48

Artificial intelligence is still in its infancy and needs good algorithms. This could have huge consequences, like for driverless cars. If you think a car needs a human driver, you've forgotten about the world of driverless vehicles. They are much better than people. You don't even need a steering wheel. The system handles everything for you. It can learn as you drive and adapt to the conditions. It is amazing. I've seen a test, with a car that knows where its next parking spot is. The sensors tell the car that it is right, and the human driver can leave the car. They aren't even watching for it in the parking lot (the car is a supercomputer, after all). It just gets in there. As for the cars themselves, they can work on their own, not with an AI, and don't require human intervention, like a driver, in any way. So it is still early on, but the benefits are tremendous for those cars with autonomy.

What kind of future future do you foresee for robotics in the future?

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