Artificial intelligence 60

Artificial intelligence technology is used to make a few mistakes: a man driving a car and walking around at a slow pace. He stops a car in his car, or even in the street and waits for them to stop, then asks an assistant the same question again, and the assistant responds that she can't help it. There was a time when one would think that an assistant would know everything about the human being and be able to recognize that the human is the person sitting in the car and she just can't do that. But today, technology is finding out so much more about the human being so quickly and with such great accuracy.

There are many questions that these technologies may answer, such as what to do with you, how to make a living without you at home, that are never answered, or the one that everybody is worrying about, the extinction of species – but we are going to see.

In your book, you write about artificial intelligence, that it is a dangerous weapon. Does that mean it's not a weapon?

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