Basic income 16

Basic income or basic pension: A basic income is simply an unconditional cash payment to every citizen that is guaranteed to grow, in principle, every year in line with the Consumer Price Index. Basic pensions are also an excellent incentive to work as long as it gives you a regular income.

Basic Income Guarantee (BIG): This is one of the most popular ideas in the Netherlands. BIG is basically the same thing as BIG, but BIG grants all citizens a basic pension, in a basic income program. The BIG is actually in the constitution of the Netherlands which means that it makes up for the lack of a national income.

Universal basic income (UBI): This is an unconditional basic income paid to all citizens, regardless of their income, in principle. UBI is one of the most popular economic solutions, especially by economists in the Netherlands. It also makes up for some of the lack of a national income.

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