Basic income 17

Basic income is simply a means to this end. It is a form of taxation that is based on equality.

The principle of equality of opportunity

I believe that any system that involves redistributing income from the poor to those who provide for them is just as unjust and oppressive.

That is why governments and wealthy individuals are always quick to argue that, as we all know, the best people will be the "best" citizens. The rich will do their utmost to ensure that this is the case, and those of the most moderate means will have to make do with the scraps provided by the rest of us. However, as the poorest members of society are disproportionately burdened with the task of providing support, the rich have an obligation to take this burden off of them.

That is why any redistribution system must take the rich with it. To pay for this, we will either have to accept significant cuts in the amount of money we get paid, or increase taxes further for the rich. But if we do not do either of these, there is little we can do but sit here and watch our children starve, or suffer a catastrophic epidemic.

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