Basic income 22

Basic income will help you work smarter to get more done. You'll get your work done at a quicker pace for less money, and most importantly, reduce the stress that comes from having to manage money every single day.

Here are just a few ways that a basic income would drastically improve our lives.

Expand your life

When we're faced with a daily challenge, we need to get creative. We need to work harder than usual, not only to succeed, but to actually do the things we want to do. Instead of spending all our time looking for ways to boost our productivity, a basic income will allow us to focus entirely on our lives.

The more time we are able to spend on a positive, rewarding activity, the more we'll be able to spend on our most important life skills: mental well-being, personal growth, and social inclusion.

For example, if we all started working every day on creative projects, we'd be significantly better able to spend time with our kids, do fun things with them, play games, be better people, and more.

A universal basic income would create a truly free society.

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