Basic income 27

Basic income is a concept, like tax-free education or health insurance (or anything else where the government assumes some risk of failure by providing some means of income to people), that comes with no accompanying tax deduction or tax credit. We can take the money that is supposed to go to the poor and give it to them. When someone dies without being able to receive income from the government, what happens now? They're entitled to an immediate income — a portion of the money that was supposed to go to the poor goes to the dying person directly. It seems like a basic income could be more effective at improving the lives of the poor than social programs.

The main political obstacle to a basic income is its current status: An unpopular proposal with low political support. But the best way to move people toward a simple concept like basic income is to make their ideas more tangible because they will feel more confident that they can actually do something to make it happen. By doing so, we should be giving the idea an audience and giving it more prominence.

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