Basic income 28

Basic income could do all the work.

It would free people up from the relentless work pressure they are currently under, which, among other ways, is responsible for their income stagnation.

To create a stable income for everyone, this could mean offering a guaranteed income to those who fall short on any set of social and economic requirements, in particular those in work or in need of social housing. But what about people who do have income, but who don't feel like getting it or feeling that they need it? What about people who earn enough money to meet their basic needs, but no extra money, because they have too few friends and don't have enough spare time to earn?

They can have a fixed amount of money, but not at the expense of everyone else. A guaranteed minimum income could help.

It could also pay people out of their paychecks. Many people currently earn more than the minimum wage. When they're earning more than the minimum wage, that's a problem.

But they do it anyway. It isn't because they enjoy their work or love their job; they work because that's what they have to do to make ends meet.

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