Blockchain 14

Blockchain technology in its infancy, but it is still a significant step forward in the fight against cybercrime.

What is blockchain?

Blockchain technology is an application of distributed ledger technology, which involves public, decentralized databases with a mechanism to record transactions. These databases are verified and verified by other computers, and this verified history prevents any single computer or individual computer from changing events that had been recorded earlier.

In other words, every computer on the network can validate and verify every other computer in the network to make sure that no action is carried out in a malicious way. For example, if two computers are using a system to send payments to each other in Bitcoin, there is a strong possibility that one or the other is actually using a botnet.

The key benefit of blockchain technology is that it is non-transparent. This means that it is impossible to steal money or personal data from the system. The system also requires no central bank or authority to validate the network, making it more resistant to censorship or manipulation.

Can blockchain technology be used to fight cybercrime?

The short answer is no.

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