Blockchain 2

Blockchain technology and Blockchain products can transform the economic, economic and social systems in many contexts, creating a new model called 'sharing economy'.

There are several key features of traditional peer-to-peer economies.

Cooperation and mutual help is central. If you need help, you can find another person with similar problem. There can be no theft.

People can exchange goods and services for products and services without the need for intermediaries: there is no middleman, no third party or any kind of 'middlemen' in the system.

This model is very different from the current economic models in Western countries where the market economy has been taking a central place.

The new system needs to:

Create an environment of mutual help: there must be a way to solve any problem or problem-solving activity to which other people will contribute. The solution to a problem or the solution to a solution does not have to be shared between everyone, but only with others, if that is what the particular case requires. The idea of a shared solution in the context of peer-to-peer is to find ways to solve problems in the most efficient way.

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