Blockchain 5

Blockchain technology is not so much about the way you pay or where in the world it's done. It's about the underlying technology.

Bitcoin is a decentralised peer-to-peer network – one that has no central authority, no middle-man, no server, nothing – where anyone can pay somebody or pay just themselves, without the middle-man or just anybody knowing who the sender of money is. It is not about who has the cash in their wallet, it's about who can pay to someone else.

It will be a different business model. And that's because the infrastructure of this technology is decentralised. And if your payments are done remotely, there's no centralised server that can be attacked from all sides, so everyone can trust it and they can do a payment of the same value. No, the whole idea is that all of the money is now being transferred across the Internet.

If anybody tries to attack your money using any means, that's not happening. It is impossible – it was just recently confirmed – that the hacker could get access to your bank account, which is an impossible thing to get.

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