Climate change 18

What can we do for climate change?

You may be thinking, "The sun is the single biggest factor behind climate change." I can't agree more. But there are a number other factors that we know cause climate change, and they don't have as direct a role as the sun does. For instance, the release of heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere could cause the ocean to warm significantly, in turn making more areas of the Earth uninhabitable and increasing the extent of drought and flooding.

And the burning of coal and other fossil fuels could also cause climate change.

Coal burning releases more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than any other activity that humans produce. Burning coal is also an important source of our carbon footprint, because coal is our biggest source of carbon pollution, making it one of the highest-emitting activities anywhere in the world.

But we don't know how to keep this burning from increasing. To mitigate climate change, we need to use more renewable energy sources, like solar and wind, and we should limit methane emissions.

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