Climate change 22

What can we do for climate change?" is a common response. These are important questions, and the answers must inform the future of the world's economy, climate change, and public health. We need a better policy for dealing with climate change. One answer, for instance, is that we must transition to a low-carbon economy. But what will that transition cost? The answer is not simple. The answer is that it should not be estimated, because it depends on what other steps we take, what we assume we can do, and what the costs of the necessary policies are. As our recent economic research shows, we need a policy that is both realistic for the long-term and cost-effective for short-term circumstances.

The first reason for asking the right questions is that climate policy is not simple. If climate policy is too complex to ask, there is a problem. In fact, if climate policy is too difficult to ask, there is a real risk that we end up not making the right decisions under challenging circumstances.

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