Climate change 23

Climate change as a "worse than an extinction" will occur as carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have been rising for around 60 years.
Scientists have also estimated that about 90 percent of all plants on the earth are currently threatened with extinction,  with an additional 10 percent  in danger of doing so within the next 100-200 years.
The scientists wrote:
Climate change has already had devastating effects on biodiversity worldwide.  But climate change can be even worse than an extinction.
It will have a more rapid and more destructive impact on species because the climate change can trigger the release of gases, such as CO2, which, together with other greenhouse gases, will amplify the warming and alter Earth's climate.
Scientists estimate that climate change will result in a net loss of biodiversity of up to a thousand times more than current estimates, and that this will be caused by a combination of human emissions, increased melting from polar ice cap and sea ice, and other changes like the loss of sea ice during the winter and summer due to global warming.

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