Cryptography 1


It is easy to understand why some cryptography is better than others. For example, RSA keys are more secure than Diffie-Hellman keys, because Diffie-Hellman is used for key exchange and the resulting key pair is shorter than a single public key.

Cryptography provides an abstraction from the real world by making it possible to verify a message is the one you intend, and then, if it is not, to recover the plaintext of the message, and then, if still it is not, to extract the ciphertext from it. It is not only the key exchange that is important, but also the key recovery, the extraction of secret keys from the encrypted data.

Unfortunately, the actual process by which one extracts a secret key from an encrypted text requires a lot of computer time and hardware, just to find a weak point and use it to extract the secret key, and that is a problem. A common answer is to use a dictionary algorithm such as MD5.

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