Cryptography 12

Cryptography and Security

The team believes that this is the most important development in the field of cryptography because it provides an efficient and secure way of transmitting encrypted data, while also safeguarding confidentiality and integrity through a completely private way.

For those who are not aware a key is used to encrypt data. The process of encrypting data relies on a combination of information security, cryptographic techniques, and public key cryptography. Public key encryption is a technique for scrambling data before it is sent via a message. Using this technique, it is possible to achieve highly sensitive information protection. In comparison, key-based encryption involves combining the information security and cryptographic techniques using encryption keys.

The team has devised a new method for secure delivery of data by securely scrambling messages via the use of a public key cryptography system based on the AES algorithm. The secret key is then used to decrypt the message, thereby protecting the confidentiality and integrity of the information transferred.

The secure encryption and key management capabilities created within the framework of CIPHER-AES have the potential to completely undermine the security of communications networks.

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