Cryptography 14

What is cryptography? Basically, it's a way to make a system of communications secure by making it possible for everyone to see what someone is saying. That's pretty simple.

The reason things in the past have been insecure is because there were not strong encryption schemes. When there is a system of secure communication and no one knows what is being said, people tend to fall victim to fraud and trickery. Because these things are hard to hide (meaning they are "plain"), one cannot simply "break in" and gain access to them.

We could use the same system as security in our digital communications. We could use our own personal encrypted messaging system. We could use encrypted audio devices because that is a more sophisticated way to do business. We could even encrypt our email accounts. And if we do, we would have to take our technology offline all together before we could use it. This would also force a reduction in our number of computers in our homes.

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