Cryptography 15

What is cryptography?

Cryptography is the art of protecting information, or the process of encoding it so that a potential thief or spy has no way of accessing the material.

What are the threats to our security?

The real threat is the loss of our privacy as we become more and more dependent on technology for everything from banking, government and entertainment to travel. Our personal identities are under increasing strain.

In the future, most of us will be carrying mobile devices that will record information about us. Many have speculated that this will allow us to share even information with those whom we have trusted with our information. In addition, we will be increasingly dependent on networks of data brokers who will exploit our vulnerabilities and make it possible for them to profit through fraud. This has been done with the consent of the public, in which case the public has no say in how this information is being used.

The threat to our privacy is real.

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