Cryptography 16

What is cryptography? Basically, it is a system that you can use to protect your data from prying eyes, from other people, and from the world. What does someone do with a secret? If they're not going to keep it for themselves, nobody else can either. Because there's a big amount of other secrets about who we are, about who we love, how we love, where we're born, etc. All of these people do have access to the secret.

We want the secret to be secret and to be secure, to exist only on our own servers. We don't want any third-party parties in our systems. There is the need to ensure that the secret can't be deciphered and stolen and that we are not susceptible to malicious activities. The cryptographic key for the secret is a secret and it cannot be generated by anyone else.

So it is as secret as possible and secure, but we don't want to disclose that.

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