Cryptography 21

What is cryptography?

Cryptography is an art and science of protecting confidential information. Cryptographic techniques can be used for privacy and privacy, security, and for confidentiality. In its simplest form, ciphertext is created to conceal a message's ciphertext (i.e. the original message's message) in cipher or encryption algorithm, and then sent along with it to the recipient. The recipient can encrypt or decrypt that message. The recipient then deciphers, or decrypts, the initial, encrypted message. It is then up to the recipient to decipher, or reconstruct, the original.

It seems like all encryption and decryption systems are just plain old text. Yet there is a new form of encryption called asymmetric cryptography. Using the basic idea and principles of cryptography to create what's called a "decryptor", a sender can encrypt or decryt a message. It is then up to the recipient to decide what information it will keep and what it will be sent to someone else.

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